Friday, September 16, 2011

The time has finally come to  appreciate friends that stood the test of time during the year 2010.I would just go ahead and mention a series of those who proved to be friends despite all odds and indicate in front those whom made the top 5 of the year

Enaholo Collins- Humility to the call and a great sense of maturity which you severally displayed. You helped me out in a very trying time and this went a long way. Thanks man

Oyeleke Oluwole-They say we look alike, some even say we are twin. Little did they know that we are brothers in the lord as it were. And there is nothing greater than that. Thank you for always been there. Observing your plainness, the way you handle matters can not be over emphasized/Don’t regret the moments we spent together in 2010 YOU ARE MADE THE TOP FIVE

Lois Kelechi Onu: You have continue to prove YOU ARE THE BEST. You might have been so busy this past year and would possibly be in the years to come. But even then the joy of been friends with you can not be pushed aside. The calls, text messages, chatting from time to time has gone a long way. THANK YOU L.K.O. Love you plenty.. YOU ARE MADE THE TOP FIVE

Bamiloshin Olumide. My brother from another mother. Where do I want to start from…..thank you for scolding me when necessary, thanks for standing up for me when necessary, thank you for your calls ,thank you for everything in short because if I continue this page will be full. You are highly appreciated. YOU ARE MADE THE TOP FIVE

Joy Obiokoli: you came out of no where. Just about when the year was rounding up and you proved to be a good friend. I might not be seeing you as it were. But Joy your listening ear is a big encouragement. Thanks dearie.

Tayo Doko- I really did not see much o you like the previous year but even then you continue to prove to be that elder brother I do not have. I really appreciate the few times we did spend together and look forward to enjoy more. And thank you for putting me in check from time to time. YOU ARE THE BEST. Love you too. YOU MADE THE TOP FIVE

Akinremi Julian- To you it was just business, but you obviously might not know your endurance and help especially at those odd hours went a long way. Thank you so much bro,

Ajenifuja Adebola-It all started like a joke but here we are. Hot graduate omo to fine o, omo to set o. You are so plain and blunt not afraid to say what on you mind. You really thought me so many things indirectly and I appreciate every moment we spent together in 2010.muahh YOU MADE THE TOP FIVE

Jagun Ize- I didn’t see much of you in the later part of 2010. However all your support through calls, text messages and what have you can not just be pushed aside. Thank you Jials

Obagunwa Kemi- really can not remember all you did this past year but you were very supportive and I really appreciate it.

Ibiyemi Ibileke-My project is this my project is that…You had a tight schedule in the past year but even then you made out the little time you could for me from time to time. It really did go a long  way,.Thanks

Oyeku Funke- Olasupo Ojo will say “school mother’ it a pity  you gone now. I miss you every day. Thanks for always been there even when it wasn’t so convenient you were there for me like my own sisrer. Despite all my pestering you stood by me and listening…..loves

Eguavoen Joseph- Thanks for always keeping in touch no matter how inconvenient it is for you. I see you at the top in the coming year. be good brother

The likes of Jennifer adetomi,lara oseni, Idris Kusimo,Agoro Tunde , Olajide Opeolu,, Akinwunmi Yewande, Adedara Folasade, Olasupo Ojo, olamide adesoye,ogundipe omotara, Felix ,Adegboye Bisola,TUNBI tolulope sowole, a whole lot of other. The time spent with you can not be over looked at all. THANK YOU ALL FOR A WONDERFUL 2010.


  1. *clears throat* *wipes cobwebs* hello oo!

  2. *clears throat* *wipes cobwebs* hello oo!